Picture 1Issue 2 is an inappropriate use of the state constitution. It would amend Ohio’s constitution by creating a politically-appointed board to decide how farm animals will be raised for food, shutting Ohioans out of decisions impacting the food we eat every day. Once cemented into the state constitution, this board could override acts of the state legislature and chill public debate.

Issue 2 is an attempt by big agribusiness to thwart meaningful reform of livestock care practices. Animals raised so closely in cages are a recipe for disaster. Diseases spread and the animals are treated with antibiotics, also leading to antibiotic resistance in humans. But that’s not all. It’s about water and air pollution from the excessive amounts of manure. It’s about Ohio rural families who are afflicted by foul odors and declining property values from livestock factories in their communities.

Opposition to Issue 2 is growing, and your help is needed. The Ohio Farmer’s Union, the League of Women Voters of Ohio, The Center for Food Safety, the Ohio Environmental Stewardship Alliance and many others oppose Issue 2.

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