Let the U.S. EPA know that you support basic protection for the MICHINDOH aquifer, the primary source of drinking water for more than 385,000 people in parts of NW Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. The comment period has been extended to April 16.

The City of Bryan, with the support of local citizens and communities, asked the U.S. EPA to designate the MICHINDOH aquifer as a “sole source aquifer.” This means that the aquifer is the sole source of drinking water for a nine county region, including Williams county and part of Defiance and Fulton counties. This designation includes additional consideration for federally funded projects that could potentially contaminate the water.

After careful analysis, the City of Bryan concluded, “The MICHINDOH aquifer system is a well-defined, valuable resource that represents the sole source of drinking water for the region’s residents and could not be replaced without imposing significant financial difficulties for the drinking water users.”

U.S. EPA will accept written comments until April 16. Find out more by visiting the Bryan Municipal Utilities website.