Photo courtesy of Meaduva

Photo: "roosters", by Meaduva

The campaign has started! Ohioans for Humane Farms needs 600,000 signatures to get a measure on the Ohio November ballot. This initiative will end extreme confinement of livestock in tiny cages, stop downer cows from entering the human food chain, and stop inhumane methods of euthanasia.

Caging animals in high densities leads to animal waste and consequent water pollution. Crowding also leads to a greater risk of disease transmission, which requires antibiotic treatment. Antibiotic resistant bacteria is not only spreading in hospitals, but also throughout our communities.

That’s not all. It’s an injustice for families who live near animal factories to suffer from air pollution, fly infestation, odors, and polluted runoff into their drinking water sources.

Volunteers are needed to help with signature collection today!

For more info, visit the Ohioans for Humane Farms website
Or contact Laurel Hopwood at