Video of Slurry Spill

On Friday October 1st, it happened again. Murray Energy’s coal pipeline carrying toxic coal slurry through southeast Ohio burst open on Friday, flooding a pristine creek and surrounding areas with over 1/4 million gallons of thick, black sludge.

Watch our video of the scene and tell Governor Strickland to take action to prevent another toxic spill.

This is at least the seventh time since 1999 that coal slurry has poured into Captina creek, killing fish and putting the future of the already endangered eastern hellbender salamander at risk.

Seven times!?! Enough already!
Take Action Now.

Even after seven spills, Murray Energy is applying for permission to build another sludge impoundment that would bury a whole stream and put entire communities at risk of contaminated water and a catastrophic breach.  Murray “Slurry” Energy has proven that coal slurry is toxic and that they can’t be trusted to handle it. Just look at the tragically polluted gully that once was Captina Creek.  It is time to move Ohio forward toward safer, cleaner, and cheaper forms of energy like solar, wind and efficiency. Not one worker was killed by a wind turbine this summer, nor one stream polluted by a solar panel. Compare that to the tragic and polluting records of the coal and oil industries.