The Davis-Besse nuclear plant located on Lake Erie is up for their license renewal.  Lets make our voices heard and speak out against this dirty, unsafe, and expensive nuclear plant.  This plant has had numerous operation and safety violations during its existence that have been well documented.  According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission since 1979 two of the top five most dangerous nuclear incidences in the United States have happened at the Davis-Besse plant.  First Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission allowed a delay in the inspection of the reactor head with an enormous rust hole almost spurring a nuclear disaster in 2002. First Energy is asking for another extension giving the plant operation rights for 20 more years past 2017.  Read our nuclear committee chair Pat Marida’s public comments on the proposed relicensing here Davis Besse Relicensing 11-10-1 and to learn more Ohio’s Nuclear Threats 12-10.