Bayler Shubert, son of Sierra Club members Mark and Marcia Shubert of Amesville, Ohio has recently been accepted into the People to People Student Ambassador Program.  This initiative, started in the 1950’s by President Eisenhower, was meant to expand his vision for cultural understanding and perhaps world peace. Now more than ever this idea should be kept alive.  Bayler is excited about this opportunity to learn about diverse cultures and he has a willingness to venture into the world in the name of peace, friendship and understanding.  During the summer of 2011, this will become a reality.  Bayler has taken on a project to help fund his trip.  He is making Survival Bracelets.  These bracelets are woven in two colors, using 550# strength parachute cord.  There is approx. 10’ of cord in each bracelet.  When going into the back woods, wear this bracelet.  It can be unwoven and used for emergency purposes such as tourniquets, snares, shoelaces, splints, fishing line, sewing and more!  Don’t go into the woods without one!  The bracelets are available at Rocky Shoes and Boots in Nelsonville or by contacting Bayler directly at  The bracelets are $10.00.