Photo Courtesy of ODNR

Through a collaboration of the Sierra Club and other environmental organization across the state, a letter was submitted to the Governors office, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and the local officials in Jefferson County.  In a recent and fast moving development, the state has proposed a plan to sell the Jefferson Lake State Park to Jefferson County.  This may not seem problematic on the surface, but the danger lies in the details! The state has seen dwindling funds to run the state park and keep up with increasing maintenance costs.  This has forced them to find other ways to keep the park open, which could include oil and gas drilling once the park exchanges hands from the state to Jefferson County.  The County has stated that it intends to open areas of the park to oil and natural gas drilling, greatly increasing the potential environmental impact.  The state should not sell the park, but find other ways to fund this great public resource so people in Jefferson County and across the state can continue to enjoy the great outdoors at Jefferson Lake State Park.  Click here to read the Jefferson Lake Letter Filed.  For more news on this issue click here. And to take action on this issue click here!