New York Mayor Bloomberg

New York Mayor Bloomberg

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg will donate $50 million to the Sierra Club’s nationwide campaign to help America move beyond coal. Over the past 9 years, the Beyond Coal campaign has helped block the construction of 153 new coal-fired power plants across the country.  Sierra Club’s Executive Director Micheal Brune described the gift, “as a game changer”… that will clear a path for clean renewable energy and efficiency to replace dirty energy sources.

While advocating for a clean energy future, the Sierra Club will continue to impact change locally.  Right here in Ohio’s megawatt valley, the cost of coal is going up and the cost of renewables is decreasing.  As the national, Beyond Coal campaign works with new confidence to phase out dirty sources of energy, air and water quality will also increase.

Ohio’s streams and air are particularly damaged by coal burning power plants as heavy metals, excessive nutrients, and thermal pollution threaten public, environmental, and economic health.

Our work at the state and local levels to increase energy efficiency, foster renewable energy, support alternative transportation, and protect our water at the source is ever more important as we build momentum towards a cleaner, greener, sustainable future.

Thank You Mayor Bloomberg and Thank everyone who has shared our vision and made Sierra Club a driving force of change. Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet.