Check out Clean Water in the NEWS!!!

In Youngstown Ohio, on Saturday Nov. 26,  the Ohio Clean Water Campaign trained local citizens to become water sentinels. Water sentinels work together to share data, information, and protect our water at the source. Check out the excellent story about how citizen scientist are raising fracking awareness.  

At the training individuals concerned about fracking learned how to use water monitoring equipment to detect changes in their water quality.  Participants received free water monitoring kits ($100 value) that measure salinity, total dissolved solids, and conductivity.

If you are interested in fracking and water monitoring, please join us at a water sentinel training in your area! If you don’t see your area listed, please contact us at to schedule a training near you.

Cincinnati area: Dec. 3rd 9am-12pm, Imago Nature Preserve, 700 Enright ave, Price Hill, 45205

Athens area: Dec. 10th 1pm-3pm, 701 E State St, Athens, OH.

Chapter Retreat: Jan. 21st 9am-5pm, Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center