Call Senator Hite today 614- 466-8150

The Great Lakes Compact, signed in 2008, has the potential to safeguard our water supply and foster healthy, sustainable and vibrant communities for centuries to come.  HB 473 breaks that promise and allows industry virtually unlimited water while leaving little for the public and environment.   

HB 473 threatens our water supply by allowing industry to withdraw over 89 million gallons in a single day, leaves our highest quality rivers unprotected, and limits public participation in the permitting process.       

Please Call on Senator  Hite 614-466-8150 to amend Hb 473 to protect Lake Erie!

Ohio House Bill 473, would allow industry to average water withdrawals over a 90 day period, allowing anyone from frackers to farmers to withdrawal up to 89 million gallons in a single day with out a permit!

Ask Senator Hite to close this loop and amend HB 473 by calling  614-466-8150.  

I am calling today in regard to House Bill 473, which would threaten water quality.  Please amend the bill by 

  • requiring higher standards, or lower withdrawals, for our smallest and cleanest streams and rivers,
  • not allowing industry to average water withdrawals over 90 days, 
  • granting the public the right to appeal permitting and file grievances even if they do not live on Lake Erie.  

HB 473 will allow excess consumption of our water, leading to an increase in algae blooms, higher water treatment costs, a decreasing fish populations, declining property values, and a loss of recreational opportunities, jobs, income and revenue from tourism. I urge you to protect our water at the source by saying no to HB 473.  Thank you for taking my call and protecting Lake Erie. 

…And Thank You, for taking action.