Renewable Energy in Ohio: Going Viral? 

This map may be a surprise to you. That’s because the renewable energy industry has come quietly to a rooftop or farmland near you, silently revolutionizing our struggle for energy independence and climate solutions. 

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Regardless of the social and environmental benefits of climate mitigation, energy independence, and overall improved public health – clean, renewable energy seems to have crossed into the territory of economic viability and cost stability for Ohio customers; specifically, since the passage of SB 221 in 2008.

For residents and homeowners, the question becomes: has home solar gone viral? Is today the time to go solar? Let’s look at the numbers.


Ohio Solar KWs Added Per Year, 2002-2012

*Includes only solar installations registered with PUCO. Not all installations are registered.

Ohio Solar Installations Per Year, 2002-2012

The graph above shows that the total number of installations went down in 2012, however the graph below shows that the average number of kilowatts per installation tells a different story:

Average KW Output Capacity of Ohio Solar Installations, 2002-2012

This explains how installed kilowatts has increased, though the number of installs has decreased.

Bottom line? Solar seems to be coming into it’s heyday in Ohio.

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