If you want do one thing to oppose nuclear power this year, this is it!     

Attend the meeting and

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has “confidence” that the high-level radioactive nuclear waste problem will be solved sometime in the future! So they ruled that they can continue to give 20-year license extensions to aging, brittle, accident prone nukes without considering public concerns about the safety, storage and disposal of thousands of tons of radioactive waste.  

 We don’t agree.  Neither did the Court of Appeals in Washington, DC.  They overturned the NRC waste confidence ruling.

 SO, the NRC has written a NEW Waste Confidence Environmental Impact Statement, restating their same unsafe, industry-friendly idea in new packaging.

               A large public outcry is needed to prevent the NRC from implementing a new “Waste Confidence” rule. 




Perrysburg, Ohio

Monday, December 2    

Open house 6-7 pm, meeting 7-10 pm

(This is one of only 12 meetings being held across the country.)

 At the Hilton Garden Inn Toledo/Perrysburg, 6165 Levis Commons Blvd., Perrysburg, OH


I can attend the meeting on Oct. 15 in Perrysburg and I’d like to TAKE ACTION ONLINE

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I’d like to carpool from Cleveland

I’d like to carpool from Columbus 

              I can’t attend, but I’d like to TAKE ACTION and let the NRC know that the public has no confidence in their Waste Confidence environmental impact statement (EIS).  I am concerned that many of our nuclear reactors have overcrowded used fuel pools on site.  The EIS should consider the option of ending the production of nuclear waste by supporting a transition to energy efficiency and renewables.