donot drinkIn January 2014, 300,000 of our neighbors in Charleston West Virginia lost access to clean drinking water after coal processing chemicals were spilled by Freedom Industries. The impact of the spill to the public health, the environment, the economy, and overall quality of life in the region has been staggering. While our thoughts remain with the victims of the spill, it has also heightened our concern for Ohio.

Ask the Governor to protect Ohio from the culprits of the WV Spill!

Coal mining, fracking, sewage, and algae blooms, prompt many Ohioans to ask what would happen if my water was not safe to drink? In Ohio, corporate polluters are in bed with public officials, safeguards are lacking for industry putting our water at risk. In fact the owner of Freedom Industries, Rosebud Mining Company, has pending mining applications and expired permits in Ohio. In addition, dozens of coal prep facilities in Ohio do not meet current water discharge standards (listen to the story on ONN).  Will the next catastrophic spill be in our backyard?

Ask the governor what happens when Ohio’s water isn’t safe to drink!

What happened in West Virginia should be more than just a reminder that industry needs regulation, but a call to action, a call to protect clean water. Join us this spring as we call upon our public officials to protect Ohio’s water from Dirty Coal, Fracked Gas, and Big Agriculture. Take part in online actions, make a phone call to your elected officials, and join the Sierra Club and OEC for environmental lobby day March 26th at the Columbus Statehouse. Above all else, make a commitment to get involved this spring and help raise awareness in your community. Share your clean water concerns with friends and neighbors. By standing together we can protect our water at the source, drive public officials to action, and hold corporate polluters accountable.