Save Ohio’s Butterflies!

Flower and ButterflyDo you enjoy the summer butterflies? Well, as these pollinator populations dwindle, the OhioDepartment of Agriculture and Wayne National Forest are planning to spray a dangerous insecticide called BtK all over Ohio to decrease the Gypsy Moth, a non-native moth that impacts trees through eating of leaves. Unfortunately, BtK doesn’t just kill the Gypsy Moth – it could wipe out every type of butterfly or moth it touches. 

Spraying will begin early this spring and impact caterpillars of all varieties in Ohio. Areas all across Ohio will be impacted with this non-specific aerial spraying, and if we don’t act now – there will be a lot less butterflies to enjoy this summer. Other alternatives such as pheromone flakes or Gypchek only affect the gypsy moth and would protect native butterflies.

Will You Stand Up for Our Butterflies Today???

Emails will go to David Daniels (Director) and Dave Adkins of Ohio Department of Agriculture; Anthony Scardina (Supervisor), DeVela Clark (Interim Supervisor), and Rachel Orwan (planner) for Wayne National Forest.