The battle to save Ohio’s clean energy and energy efficiency future wages on; are YOU ready to join the fight? Here’s a toolkit to get you started.

Below, you will find all the materials necessary to get involved in efforts to stop SB 310, the Ohio Senate’s latest effort to gut Ohio’s clean energy and efficiency standards.

Make no mistake; this is a fight for the very future of Ohio. Big electric companies like FirstEnergy, AEP, and Duke in coordination with big coal are deploying lobbyists with huge pocketbooks to make sure they are able to get away with whatever they want. They want to kill energy efficiency and clean energy so they can continue to pollute with impunity and have us pay for the “privilege” of them contaminating our air and water.

We can stop SB 310 and we’ll do it with a tidal wave of grassroots support. When we stand together and fight for Ohio’s clean energy future, not even the most belligerent and persistent of dirty energy allies can stop us.

Take Action!

1. House Public Utilities Committee call sheet
The Public Utilities Committee is holding hearings on SB 310.  Call through members, leave them a message, let them know Ohioans oppose this bill!

2. Send an e-mail to Governor Kasich and members of the Ohio legislature
Just a couple clicks and you can deliver a message to oppose SB 310 to all your elected officials!

3. Template letter to send to elected officials
Not sure what to write?  We’ve got you covered!  Download this template to get started on sending a letter to Gov. Kasich and Statehouse elected officials

4. Postcards
We’re asking volunteers to collect postcards opposing attacks on Ohio’s clean energy standards. We want THOUSANDS of postcards from all over Ohio.  Download the template to start collection today or contact Neil Waggoner for a package of postcards to collect

5. *NEW* Small Businesses for Ohio Clean Energy Sign
Do you know a small business owner that supports clean energy?  If so, consider asking them if they would be willing to display this sign in a window or somewhere prominent.  You can print these out at home and Sierra Club organizer Neil Waggonerwill have a limited number of posters available to mail out.

Social Media
1. Follow Ohio Beyond Coal on Twitter
2. LIKE Ohio Beyond Coal on facbook
3. Download a copy of the infograph below (higher res link)