The Sierra Club Ohio Chapter is excited to announce the launch a partnership with Dovetail Solar and Wind for our Solar Homes program!

The Solar Homes Program is a national initiative by the Sierra Club to help accelerate the transition of our nation from dirty fossil fuels by streamlining the installation of clean energy solar systems on members’ homes.

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Dovetail shows off their product to Sierra Club staff in Columbus


This campaign makes it possible for members and supports to get a superior quality, warranty backed solar system for their homes from a leading, thoroughly vetted, and local solar provider.

This partnership gives our environmentally savvy supporters an easy way to go solar without all the legwork involved in researching local providers and options. In addition, for every home that goes solar through this program, Dovetail will make a referral payment to the Ohio chapter to support our most important work to preserve and protect Ohio’s environment.

We know many of our members and supporters are very knowledgeable about solar and have researched renewable energy as way to reduce reliance on dirty fossil fuels and move forward to a clean energy economy. The Ohio Chapter of the Sierra club shares your vision and has created this partnership to ease the transition to clean solar power right here in Ohio.

Here’s how the program is a win-win-win:  an average 6.1 kW made-in-the-USA solar system will save customers more than 40,000 over the 25 year life of the system, the Ohio Chapter will raise money for critical campaigns, and more solar will replace dirty energy as Sierra Club members cut their carbon footprints and collectively help to scale up clean energy and green jobs in Ohio.

“In order to end our dependence on dirty energy, we need as many Americans as possible to switch to clean energy like rooftop solar.  This is a high priority for the Sierra Club.  We are urging all of our members and supporters in Ohio to work with Dovetail Solar to find out if solar is right for them.  Every home that goes solargets us one step closer to our goal of a clean energy economy,” said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune.

To date, the Sierra Club’s Solar Homes program has helped 1,070 homes go solar across the country. Over the next 20 years, this will offset the same amount of carbon as 1,180 cars taken off the road or 6,943 acres of trees planted.

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Once you do, a rep from Dovetail Solar will contact you to discuss whether solar is right for you.  They can give you a really good idea about how much going solar might save you.