Shawnee State Forest trail next to logging site. Which is the trail? Where are the logging roads? Why can’t we tell?

Ohio DNR wants to clear-cut and burn it’s way through Ohio’s natural forests. Take action

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The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry is promoting commercial logging in each of the State Forestsagain this fiscal year. The Division has just released the Forest Management Work Plans, which should prioritize the protection of endangered species, promote precious wildlife habitat, and maximize recreation benefits for all Ohioans. Instead, the Ohio Division of Forestry remains focused on making money off of these precious lands through logging. The Ohio Sierra Club is calling for a moratorium on logging of all state forests. Our forests have never been more valuable for stabilizing climate as well as for providing clean air, water and habitat for pollinators and other species.

Take Action! Tell the Ohio Division of Forestry to Employ Better Management Practices!

Ohio has 21 state forests covering more than 200,000 acres – less than 1% of Ohio’s landmass. They are enjoyed by thousands of Ohioans annually and provide habitat for countless rare and endangered species.

Raise your voice! Call for Better Protections of our State Forests!

The Department has even resorted to cutting down trees next to well-used trails, (like the Shawnee Backpack trail in photo) which reduces the enjoyment of those who recreate.  We also remain concerned that logging will take place in areas with rare bird, butterfly, bobcat, and plant species.

Ohio’s State Forests Belong to All of Us! Protect them today!