The Ohio Chapter’s Agriculture Committee works to address environmental and public health concerns by:

  • Urging state agencies and lawmakers to support requirements that prevent large factory farm pollution, and ensure adequate enforcement of manure management laws.
  • Working in partnership with statewide groups to encourage family sustainable conservation farming, including local foods, organics, farmers markets, school gardens, and community gardens.
  • Encouraging proper labeling of food products to inform consumers about the presence of antibiotics and hormones.
  • Working with local communities to adopt resolutions that encourage healthy diets, including fresh local produce and less red meats
  • Educating the public about the impacts of our food decisions on global climate change.
  • Educating agricultural producers about climate impacts to their sustainable farming future
  • Working with legislatures to assure adoption of agricultural policies and funding for best management practices
  • Working on solutions to reducing phosphorus and nitrogen pollution, in an effort to limit Toxic Algae problems in Ohio
  • Advocating for cyanobacteria (Toxic Algae) drinking water standards in all public water supplies to assure citizens have adequate safe drinking water daily.
  • Advocating for prevention of manure applications to frozen grounds.

Want to join our work?
The Agriculture Committee invites you to get involved. Email the chapter at to find out how you can help.