Cleveland Storm

What do you think of when you here the phrases “global warming” or “climate change”?  Probably temperature increases.  But the impacts that climate change is exerting, and will continue to exert, on weather and climate go far beyond just temperature increases.

Precipitation, for example, is likely to be affected.  You are probably thinking “higher temperatures, less rain,” but that is not entirely the case, at least not in Ohio.  Changes in precipitation are likely to have consequences for various sectors within Ohio, one of which is sewer infrastructure.

Follow the links to learn more about changes to precipitation in Ohio due to climate change and what that means for Ohio’s sewer infrastructure; specifically, combined sewer overflows. 

Remember, climate change is unequivocally happening.  But if each of us does a small part to address climate change, we can help minimize its impact and adapt to the changes it brings.