The Climate Action Campaign is here to support and defend the Environmental Protection Agency as it rolls out regulations on carbon pollution and America starts acting on climate.  The EPA has determined that carbon pollution is detrimental to human health, to the environment, and furthers climate disruption. Climate disruption is one of the most important issues that we are facing today and we need to take action in anyway we can. Even the United States Military has deemed climate change as a threat to national security. There are many ways to help us build this movement and we need people like you to help. Find out more by contacting the Energy Committee Chair, Dave Simons.


By 2030, the steady and responsible steps EPA is taking will:

· Cut carbon emission from the power sector by 30 percent nationwide below 2005 levels, which is equal to the emissions from powering more than half the homes in the United States for one year; 
· Cut particle pollution, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide by more than 25 percent as a co-benefit;
· Avoid up to 6,600 premature deaths, up to 150,000 asthma attacks in children, and up to 490,000 missed work or school days—providing up to $93 billion in climate and public health benefits; and 
· Shrink electricity bills roughly 8 percent by increasing energy efficiency and reducing demand in the electricity system.


President’s Climate Action Plan

The Center for Naval Analyses Military Advisory Board

3rd Annual National Climate Assessment