Would You Drink this Water!

The Ohio Chapter Gas and Oil Fracking Committee is comprised of Sierra Club members from across the state who are working to protect Ohioans from the impacts of horizontal hydraulic fracturing drilling “Fracking.”

The Ohio Chapter fracking committee opposes fracking in Ohio because of the inadequate regulation, the lack of scientific study, the inability of industry to safely dispose of waste, and the negative impacts to land, air, and water.  Thus, the Chapter supports a statewide moratorium on fracking until these problems are addressed and eliminated.  Because of safety concerns with disposal of fracking waste, the Chapter supports a ban on Class II injection wells in Ohio and the reclassification of fracking flowback and brine as hazardous waste.  We also oppose brine spreading on roads and treatment in municipal wastewater treatment plants.  Finally, the Ohio Chapter opposes all drilling activities in state and federal parks and forests.  To achieve these goals, our committee:

  • Educates Ohioans about horizontal fracking and its dangers.
  • Assists local communities and governments in protecting themselves from potential and existing fracking activities.
  • Lobbies state agencies and the legislature to improve fracking regulation to ensure safety for Ohioans and our environment.
  • Advocates for the protection of our parks and preserves from drilling.
  • Promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy as the truly sustainable, long term solution to America’s energy needs.
Drilling rig in Washington Co. P.A.

Fracking Drill Rig

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Contact Brian Kunkemoeller, Gas Ohio Chapter fracking staff, for more information and to get involved.