The Ohio Chapter Water Committee includes members and supporters, from across the state, who work together to protect, restore, and improve Ohio’s waterways.

The Ohio Chapter Water Committee:
  • Activates Sierra Club members and local groups to educate the public about threats to our water quality and how to protect our freshwater resources.
  • Provides informative resources to help the public choose environmentally friendly products and practices. The committee encourages the following sustainable water conservation methods: installing pervious pavement, stream buffers, rain gardens, rain barrels, planting native plants, removing invasives, reducing water use, and more.
  • Generates public pressure on the Ohio EPA and other government agencies to enact higher standards on reducing water-related pollution.
  • Engages members and volunteers to become trained Water Sentinels to monitor their waterways for signs of pollution, report water quality data, and help track areas that are in need of our attention.

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