The Clean Water Campaign’s Conservation goal is to protect Ohio’s waterways – one stream, one wetland, one drop at a time

Through conservation, we protect the environment for the benefit of humans and non-humans, and achieve conservation victories on local water issues by working directly with Sierra Club members and partner organizations.

Over the past three years, the campaign has delivered over 25,000 comments to local, state, and federal officials related to pollution that plagues Ohio’s water, and has serves as a voice for clean water through more than 50 media hits in print, radio, and television outlets.

We have helped protect the following areas from pollution:

Lake Erie Watershed

  • Lake Erie shoreline from sewage and urban pollution

Northeast Ohio

  • Carroll County surface and groundwater from Rosebud Mining Company
  • The Little Cuyahoga River in Summit County from sewage pollution

Central Ohio

  •  Federal Creek in Athens from coal mining
  • Sawmill and Olentangy Wetlands in Columbus from development
  • Olentangy, Alum Creek, and Scioto rivers from sewage pollution

Southern Ohio

  • Wesselman Creek from development of sewage lines
  • Little Miami River from the Eastern Corridor Highway
  • Promoted green infrastructure practices for Mill Creek
  • Advocated for the designation of Grand Lake St. Mary’s as a distressed watershed

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