Protect. Explore. Enjoy.  One way we can live up to this motto in Lake Erie and Northeast Ohio is to work towards eliminating raw sewage overflows from entering our rivers and streams. And you can help make this happen!

Ohio Sierra Club recognizes that combined and sanitary sewer overflows can contribute some of the most negative impacts to the protection and everyday enjoyment of our favorite recreational waterways and natural habitats.  In order to do our part to help stem the tide of raw sewage that rains from our drains during peak storm events and flash floods, we’re asking our membership to contribute to our basement flood survey.  By making sure that our city officials, regional sewer & environmental agencies, and watershed groups have the best information about our infrastructure’s vulnerabilities, we can combat the problem of sewer overflows more effectively and efficiently.  If you have experienced a basement flood event in the last 5 years, please follow the link below to our survey and /or share with others who have experienced flooding in their basements.

Take the Basement Flood Survey now.


covered bridge 1

**NOTE:  This is a pilot survey developed for Northeast Ohio communities.  As we expand this program to reach more communities, more location choices will be added.  For now, anyone wishing to report a basement flood outside of Northeast Ohio may do so by selecting “other” and writing in their information.

We can all do our part to protect our watersheds, one drop at a time!  If you are interested in finding out how you can do more to help, learn more about our volunteer programs or join our Grassroots Networks Water Sentinels Team!