The Executive Committee (Ex Com) is the overall governing body of the Ohio Chapter. It makes the broad policy decisions and sets the overall goals that guide the Chapter’s work. There are 15 members, including at-large members and group representatives. All Ohio Chapter Sierra Club members can vote in the annual elections for the at-large members.

Chapter Executive Committee

Chair – Bob Shields
Treasurer – Enid Nagel

At-Large members:

2015: Eric Britton, David Roseman, Philip Crume
2016: Bob Shields, Pat Marida, Vicky Mattson, Dave Simons, Melanie Braithwaite

Group Representatives: 
Appalachia: Loraine McCosker
Central Ohio: Amber Bellamy
Miami: Chris Curran, Andy Betts
Western Lake Erie: Tony Szilagye
Salt Springs: George Peya
Portage Trail: Colleen Orsburn
Northeast Ohio: Jane Halbadel

Council of Chapter Leaders:

Delegate – Eric Britton; Alternate – Enid Nagel

Chapter Political Chair

Eric Britton

Chapter Conservation Committee

Chair – David Roseman
Agriculture – Tony Szilagye
Energy – Dave Simons
Forests – Loraine McCosker & Bob Kyle
Fracking – OPEN
Nuclear – Pat Marida
Transportation – Chris Curran
Water – OPEN

Chapter Staff

Matt Trokan – Conservation Director
Amanda Keith – Conservation Manager – Water
Brian Kunkemoeller – Conservation Manager – Energy
Samantha Allen - Conservation Coordinator – Energy
Elissa Yoder - Conservation Coordinator – Water
Jessica Ferrato - Conservation Coordinator – Water
Ann Keefe - Conservation Coordinator – Water

Group Chairs

Appalachia – Loraine McCosker
Central Ohio – Sarah Cercone
Miami – Sam McKinley
Northeast Ohio – Steve McPhee
Portage Trail – Dan Nelson
Salt Springs – George Peya
Western Lake Erie – Kris Moazed

2014 Meeting Schedule:

May 18th, July 20th, September 21st, November 16th.  

Meetings are held at the Ohio Chapter office, 131 N. High St., Columbus, OH.

For more information, contact the Ohio Chapter Chair, Bob Shields at