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Fight for Ohio’s State Forests – No Logging!


Shawnee State Forest trail next to logging site. Which is the trail? Where are the logging roads? Why can’t we tell?

Ohio DNR wants to clear-cut and burn it’s way through Ohio’s natural forests. Take action

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Years of Living Dangerously


Years of Living Dangerously

New Showtime documentary showing the human impacts of climate change. Learn more and what you can do as an individual to #actonclimate

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Stop Asian Carp Before It’s Too Late!

Asian Carp Great LakesThe Great Lakes are a national treasure, and economically support a $7 billion fishing industry, $16 billion boating industry, and 1.5 million jobs. The introduction of Asian carp and other species puts the well-being of our communities, wildlife, and waters at risk.


Tell the US Army Corps to prevent Asian Carp from destroying our Great Lakes!

Clean Water

Ohio is enriched by its vast water resources, flowing from Lake Erie all the way to the Ohio River. The health and condition of Ohio’s waterways impact our quality of life, as we rely on them for safe drinking water, wildlife habitat, consumable fish, recreation, and shipping. Challenges stem from polluting industries, agricultural and stormwater runoff, urban development, sewer overflows, and more. The campaign advocates for solutions to prevent waterway pollution – working locally to protect our rivers, streams, tributaries, and wetlands across the state. Lake Erie protection is also critical for Ohio and includes efforts by both the Sierra Club Western Lake Erie and Northeast Ohio local groups.


Clean Water - Latest News

Water testing Olentangy River

Jeanette Mira learning about water testing from Tim Guilfoile.

On Saturday Oct. 17, more than 20 people participated in the central Ohio Water Monitoring Workshop: Working Together for a Cleaner River.  Participants learned about various efforts led by Sierra Club, OSU, FLOW and the City of Columbus to protect the Olentangy River and how they can get involved in river testing.

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Water Monitoring Workshop Oct. 17

September 21st, 2009

A river view.

A river view.

Central Ohio waters need your help.  Bacteria, excess nutrients, and other pollutants threaten the safety of our waters for wildlife, fishermen, and swimmers.  Can you help protect them?

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