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Tell Ohio Decision Makers to Stop Guzzling Gas!

Just because gas prices have dropped doesn’t mean Ohio should build more highways. Recently, 700 Sierra Club members commented on the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) 2014 Statewide Transit Needs Study. Now we have the opportunity to weigh in on the specific projects that ODOT will fund in 2015-2018.

Speak up for Bike, Bus, and Pedestrian funding!

2015 Ohio Sierra Club Retreat is just a few weeks away!

Mohican-winterWe hope you can join the Sierra Club for our annual Chapter Retreat. As one of the largest and most influential environmental organizations in the state, this is the time each year where we celebrate our victories, renew our spirits, and make our plans the year ahead. All are welcome, and meals will be provided for members who register.

Join us at Mohican State Park Lodge for the Annual Chapter Retreat on Jan 31st- Feb 1st!

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Stop Toxins from Algae in Drinking Water

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Click here to submit public comments to Ohio EPA by November 19.

1.) Insist algae toxin standards be created for Ohio drinking water supplies

2.) Request mandatory testing to occur at community water systems



Clean Water

Ohio is enriched by its vast water resources, flowing from Lake Erie all the way to the Ohio River. The health and condition of Ohio’s waterways impact our quality of life, as we rely on them for safe drinking water, wildlife habitat, consumable fish, recreation, and shipping. Challenges stem from polluting industries, agricultural and stormwater runoff, urban development, sewer overflows, and more. The campaign advocates for solutions to prevent waterway pollution – working locally to protect our rivers, streams, tributaries, and wetlands across the state. Lake Erie protection is also critical for Ohio and includes efforts by both the Sierra Club Western Lake Erie and Northeast Ohio local groups.


Clean Water - Latest News

For the most part, the stars lined up for Lake Erie this summer when compared to 2010. The bad news is the combined sewer overflows from the Detroit wastewater plant coming into Lake Erie are amongst the worst ever with 28 billion gallons (1 billion of this is untreated raw sewage) dumped into Lake Erie from January 1 thru August 5, 2011. Read More

Would you drink this water?

August 31st, 2011

Ohio’s drinking water is at risk!

Please tell your Ohio Legislatures not to “Frack Ohio

In 2005, the Bush/Cheney administration created the Halliburton Loophole which exempted natural gas companies from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Thus they are not required to disclose the chemicals used in horizontal slick water fracturing a.k.a. fracking.

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Sewage in Stowmwater Outfall

Every time it rains our health is threatened by stormwater runoff. In Franklin County storm water sewers discharge human waste year round without providing warning to the public, putting the health of City of Columbus and Franklin County residents in jeopardy. Read More

Ohio Water Sentinel Program

April 21st, 2011

The Ohio Water Sentinel Program seeks to educate, engage, and empower volunteers to restore, improve and protect Ohio’s waterways. 

Thanks to the generous support of Aveda salons, institutes, and retail experience centers, the Ohio Chapter has engaged thousands of volunteers and trained more than two hundred citizen scientists to monitor our waterways for pollution.

The Clean Water Act requires states to test their waterways regularly. Unfortunately, the Ohio EPA and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources do not have the capacity to monitor all of Ohio’s 199,000 miles of rivers and streams as well as underground aquifers. Thus it is critical for citizen scientists to record the quality of our water and keep a watchful eye. The Water Sentinel Program provides water monitoring kits, training, and sample analysis to participating groups and individuals who care about clean water.

If you or your organization would like to participate in the Water Sentinel Program or want to learn more about what we do, contact the Clean Water Campaign today.

Want to be notified of the next training held in your county? Sign-up here!

Upcoming Trainings:

  • October 19th, Parma






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Nurtur the Salon and Aveda Institute Columbus presented a check totaling over $30,000 to support the Sierra Club Ohio Chapter Clean Water Campaign.  Statewide Aveda salons raised close to $100,000 dollars for the Club making 2010 a great year for Clean Water.   Read More