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Tell the Ohio Legislature: Don’t Raise My Bill for Dirty Energy!

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The Ohio legislature continues to aggressively move forward with legislation that will gut our clean energy and efficiency standards.  Now comes breaking news that they want YOU to pay for their plan to kill the future.
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Save Ohio’s Butterflies!

Flower and ButterflyDo you enjoy the summer butterflies? Well, as these pollinator populations dwindle, the OhioDepartment of Agriculture and Wayne National Forest are planning to spray a dangerous insecticide called BtK all over Ohio to decrease the Gypsy Moth, a non-native moth that impacts trees through eating of leaves. Unfortunately, BtK doesn’t just kill the Gypsy Moth – it could wipe out every type of butterfly or moth it touches.  Read More

Years of Living Dangerously


Years of Living Dangerously

New Showtime documentary showing the human impacts of climate change. Learn more and what you can do as an individual to #actonclimate

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Clean Water

Ohio is enriched by its vast water resources, flowing from Lake Erie all the way to the Ohio River. The health and condition of Ohio’s waterways impact our quality of life, as we rely on them for safe drinking water, wildlife habitat, consumable fish, recreation, and shipping. Challenges stem from polluting industries, agricultural and stormwater runoff, urban development, sewer overflows, and more. The campaign advocates for solutions to prevent waterway pollution – working locally to protect our rivers, streams, tributaries, and wetlands across the state. Lake Erie protection is also critical for Ohio and includes efforts by both the Sierra Club Western Lake Erie and Northeast Ohio local groups.


Clean Water - Latest News


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Mentor Marsh not only provides invaluable fishing and birding habitat but it is located just south of a favorite recreational area – Headlands Beach State Park.

Unfortunately, the Marsh is threatened by a proposed permit from Shamrock Building Center, Ltd., that would fill-in and degrade wetlands upstream from the Marsh. Read More

On Earth Day April 22nd, Aveda salons and institutes are attempting to set a Guinness book of world records for a Global Cut A Thon to benefit clean water.  As an earth month partner proceeds from the 20 events in Ohio will support the Sierra Club Ohio Water Sentinels.  Do something good for yourself, good for the environment, and be a part of history!

Search the map to find a location near you, then call and make an appointment or RSVP today.

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For the past 7 years, Sierra Club and Aveda have been teaming up to restore, improve, and protect Ohio’s freshwater resources.  Together we are making Ohio a cleaner, healthier place to live, one stream, one wetland, one drop at a time.

Watch our 2013 Earth Month Video to Learn More!

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After filing a sixty-day notice of intent to sue Franklin County and 17 townships in June of 2011 for violating the Clean Water Act, Sierra Club has been working to reach a settlement with the County.  The violations stem from discharges from the County’s storm sewer system in unincorporated, non-sewered areas within the county. Read More

Raw sewage Did you know every time it rains the health of Ohio’s waterways are threatened by sewage?

Ohio has over 1,000 combined sewage overflow points and is mandated to reduce overflows under the clean water act.  Collectively our communities have invested over 1.3 billion dollars to fix combine sewers since 2007.  While combined sewage is a huge challenge for Ohio it can also be a great opportunity for sustainability.  Read more to learn what you can do to protect Ohio’s waterways from combined sewage overflows. Read More