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Tell Ohio Decision Makers to Stop Guzzling Gas!

Just because gas prices have dropped doesn’t mean Ohio should build more highways. Recently, 700 Sierra Club members commented on the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) 2014 Statewide Transit Needs Study. Now we have the opportunity to weigh in on the specific projects that ODOT will fund in 2015-2018.

Speak up for Bike, Bus, and Pedestrian funding!

2015 Ohio Sierra Club Retreat is just a few weeks away!

Mohican-winterWe hope you can join the Sierra Club for our annual Chapter Retreat. As one of the largest and most influential environmental organizations in the state, this is the time each year where we celebrate our victories, renew our spirits, and make our plans the year ahead. All are welcome, and meals will be provided for members who register.

Join us at Mohican State Park Lodge for the Annual Chapter Retreat on Jan 31st- Feb 1st!

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Stop Toxins from Algae in Drinking Water

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Click here to submit public comments to Ohio EPA by November 19.

1.) Insist algae toxin standards be created for Ohio drinking water supplies

2.) Request mandatory testing to occur at community water systems



Energy and Renewables

As the fourth largest contributor of greenhouse gases in the U.S., Ohio is one of the largest energy users in the country. Clean, homegrown technologies, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy, can transform Ohio’s economic and energy future. For every dollar invested in energy efficiency, at least three dollars are saved on energy costs, while also creating Ohio jobs in manufacturing, construction, research, and design. Ohio’s universities, utilities, training centers, and businesses are also helping propel the state forward through investments in wind, solar, and other renewable technologies.

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Energy and Renewables - Latest News

Blog post by Daniel Hribar 

On Wednesday, December 17th, Columbus-based American Electric Power (AEP) will be having a requested public hearing in front of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to present additional oral arguments in support of its plan to effectively bailout two of its dirty, aging coal plants. Since August, the dirty energy giant has been awaiting a ruling from PUCO for its plan to be approved.  AEP will need an estimated $117 million, which it would acquire at the expense of its customers by increasing monthly utility bills. If approved, PUCO would be going against the recommendations of its own staff, whose job it is to ensure that the competition between utility companies is fair and that consumers are not being ripped off.

Since early August, Sierra Club has been posting ads both online and around the city of Columbus in an attempt to oppose the coal bailout and save consumers money. Now, with public opinion swayed strongly in opposition of AEP’s plan, the company is trying one last ditch effort to argue in favor of its case and to sweet talk PUCO into giving it the green-light.  The hearing on the 17th will be open to the public, and with strong support from grassroots environmental groups and ordinary citizens alike, AEP’s dirty energy bailout can be crushed for good. Please join Sierra Club in opposing AEP at this hearing, and show the company that the people of Ohio will not stand for higher taxes to pay for more pollution.


Craig Butler, director of the Ohio EPA, used to be Gov. John Kasich’s top policy adviser.

By Dan GearinoThe Columbus Dispatch  •  Sunday November 16, 2014 8:42 AM

The Sierra Club Central Ohio Group hosted an energy audit program where Greene Solutions presented along with Mayor Coleman’s Environmental Steward Erin Miller, near OSU campus at the Northwood-High Building on Tuesday. The event was a great success with dozens of people coming out to learn about energy efficiency and what they can do to help conserve energy in their homes as well as save money on their bills. Read More

peoples climat marchOver 400,000 individuals from all over the country, converged in New York City for the largest climate march in history. The UN Climate Summit also took place that same week and  it was wonderful to see so many people caring about climate change and actually acting on it to communicate to our world leaders that climate change is a serious threat.

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By Harvey Wasserman

The most hopeful, diverse, photogenic, energizing and often hilarious march I’ve joined in 52 years of activism—and one of the biggest, at 310,000 strong—has delivered a simple message:  we can and will rid the planet of fossil fuels and nuclear power, we will do it at the grassroots, it will be demanding and difficult to say the least, but it will have its moments of great fun.
With our lives and planet on the line, our species has responded.
Ostensibly, this march was in part meant to influence policy makers.  That just goes with the territory.
But in fact what it showed was an amazingly broad-based, diverse, savvy, imaginative and very often off-beat movement with a deep devotion to persistence and cause, and a great flair for fun.
For when push comes to shove—and it has—our Solartopian future will be won one victory at a time.
Oh….yes, yes, yes….we will try to influence the policy-makers. The UN, the Obama Administration, the bought and rented Congress, the usual suspects.
But we won’t be begging.  It needs to be the other way around.
Because what must happen most of all is organizing from the grassroots against each and every polluting power plant, unwanted permit, errant funding scheme, stomach-turning bribe, planet-killing frack well, soon-to-melt reactor, and much much more.
Winning this fight for global survival will be done not with one great triumph over corporate hypocrisy and greed.
Instead it’ll require death by a million cuts, with countless small victories won day-to-day at the unseen grassroots.  As the man said, this revolution will not be televised.
Manhattan’s flagship march was joined by sibling demonstrations throughout the world.  By all counts millions of concerned citizens came out to say, loud and clear, that the debate is over:
Climate chaos is a clear and present danger.
It’s caused by “King CONG”—Coal, Oil, Nukes and Gas.
The corporations who threaten us all must be reorganized and held accountable.  Corporate greed is no way to power an economy.  Corporate personhood is an unsustainable myth.  The corporate profit motive is at war with our survival.
But renewable energy, community-owned and operated, can and will green-power our Earth cleanly and cheaply, bringing jobs, prosperity, ecological balance and, in concert, peace and social justice, without which no green transition is sustainable.
And it will come to us on the wings of focussed local campaigns against each and every polluting project, one at a time, through the grueling, endless hard work of an aroused and focussed citizenry.
The magic of today’s New York minute was its upbeat diversity, sheer brilliance and relentless charm.  A cross between a political rally and a month at Mardi Gras.  There were floats, synchronized dances, outrageous slogans, chants, songs, costumes, marching bands, hugs, parents with their kids, and one very sweaty guy in a gorilla suit.
Above all, there was joy…which means optimism…which means we believe we can win….which is the best indicator we will.
This was a march of the regular citizenry, many come a very long way, at great discomfort and expense, deep into the process of being community organizers, intervenors, plaintiffs, civil disobedients, fundraisers, impromptu speakers, letter writers, and whatever else we might need to us get through this awful corporate disease.
The people I saw, interviewed and rode in on the bus with (from central Ohio; I got the last seat) are working locally while thinking globally.  They are our species’ planetary immune system.
This march said we are now a mature movement with a great sense of mission, diversity and self.
We know what the problem is.
We know who the perpetrators are.
We know what the solutions are, and that they work.
Will it be enough?
Time will tell.  We must, as always, fight like hell.  It will be hard, to say the least.
But please, along the way, let’s have many more marches like this one.
Harvey Wasserman wrote SOLARTOPIA!  OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH and edits www.nukefree.org