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Tell Ohio Decision Makers to Stop Guzzling Gas!

Just because gas prices have dropped doesn’t mean Ohio should build more highways. Recently, 700 Sierra Club members commented on the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) 2014 Statewide Transit Needs Study. Now we have the opportunity to weigh in on the specific projects that ODOT will fund in 2015-2018.

Speak up for Bike, Bus, and Pedestrian funding!

2015 Ohio Sierra Club Retreat is just a few weeks away!

Mohican-winterWe hope you can join the Sierra Club for our annual Chapter Retreat. As one of the largest and most influential environmental organizations in the state, this is the time each year where we celebrate our victories, renew our spirits, and make our plans the year ahead. All are welcome, and meals will be provided for members who register.

Join us at Mohican State Park Lodge for the Annual Chapter Retreat on Jan 31st- Feb 1st!

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Stop Toxins from Algae in Drinking Water

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Click here to submit public comments to Ohio EPA by November 19.

1.) Insist algae toxin standards be created for Ohio drinking water supplies

2.) Request mandatory testing to occur at community water systems



Energy and Renewables

As the fourth largest contributor of greenhouse gases in the U.S., Ohio is one of the largest energy users in the country. Clean, homegrown technologies, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy, can transform Ohio’s economic and energy future. For every dollar invested in energy efficiency, at least three dollars are saved on energy costs, while also creating Ohio jobs in manufacturing, construction, research, and design. Ohio’s universities, utilities, training centers, and businesses are also helping propel the state forward through investments in wind, solar, and other renewable technologies.

Check out our resources page to get more information on what you can do to help!


Energy and Renewables - Latest News

When I walked onto the RainFresh Harvests property, I was greeted by lush beds of basil and tomatoes, a friendly staff member tending the plants, and solar PV (photovoltaic) panels atop the roof of Barry Adler’s greenhouse support building. Upon closer inspection, I saw his wind turbine next to the structure and a solar thermal unit on top as well. I joined the group touring the site for Green Energy Ohio’s Fall Tour, and we set out on our journey to learn more about this off-the-grid agricultural supplier’s business. Read More

Building a Green Consumer

September 17th, 2012

Our very own Tom Collins brought this article to our attention for shared use. While most of us believe that saving energy is worthwhile, it’s often difficult to communicate exactly why, and what kind of returns on investments energy savers will receive. The article describes six principles that tap into our human nature to reveal out innate energy saving potential, and provide an excellent example of a successful program. 

Email Natalie Fox or call (614) 461-0734 x 301 for more info on how you can become a green consumer!

Larry Gibson, famous for his tireless work to end mountaintop removal coal mining in his home state of West Virginia, died this past weekend of a heart attack while working on his cabin in Kayford Mountain. Sierra Club’s Mary Anne Hitt, amongst many others (including myself) worked closely and personally with him to bring an end to coal and enable clean energy for our country. You can read Mary Anne’s story here. Larry Gibson pioneered the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation which educates people about the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining.

Thank you Larry, for your work and noble spirit. We will forever honor you as we move our nation beyond coal to clean energy.

Green Energy Ohio Fall Tour

September 4th, 2012

Green Energy Ohio will host their fall tour October 1st-7th at various locations throughout Ohio. The tour is free and open to the public. This page allows you to build your own custom tour, complete with Google maps and directions, as well as information about each open house site. Monday, October 1st-Friday, October 5th will feature businesses utilizing clean energy. Saturday, October 6th and Sunday, October 7th will feature homes and community spaces that have chosen to green their energy supplies.

Email Natalie Fox or call (614) 461-0734 x 301 for more information. Hope to see you on the tour!

John Funk of the Cleveland Plain Dealer explains polling results when Ohioans were asked about their views on the clean energy economy. Here are some quick stats but read on for the full article.

8 of 10 Ohioans support advanced energy as a way to recharge our economy.

80 percent believe our dependence on foreign oil is problematic.

Nearly half of Ohioans fear the health and environmental impacts of our electricity generation and distribution system.

More than half of our residents think energy efficient lighting and appliance upgrades create American jobs.

56 percent find energy efficiency to be a good way to make our economy more productive and competitive.

There is bipartisan support for clean energy. 76 percent of Republicans, 89 percent of Democrats, and 81 percent of Independents find advanced energy important.

Contact Natalie Fox to get involved in our statewide clean energy efforts! (614) 461-0734 x 301.