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Stop Toxins from Algae in Drinking Water

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Click here to submit public comments to Ohio EPA by November 19.

1.) Insist algae toxin standards be created for Ohio drinking water supplies

2.) Request mandatory testing to occur at community water systems



Don’t Let Ohio Coal Get A Bailout


Carbon pollution rolls from Sammis Coal-fired Power Plant. Utilities are asking PUCO to approve passing costs for outdated plants like Sammis onto customers. credit: Akron Beacon Journal

In June 2014, Governor Kasich signed into law a bill that guts Ohio’s clean energy and efficiency standards. Passing this new law was not enough for Ohio’s utilities, though. 

Now, Ohio’s largest electric utilities, AEP, Duke, and FirstEnergy are seeking to keep a number of Ohio’s oldest and dirtiest power plants open for years to come.

And they want you and me to pay for it.

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Press art 4_Ohio coal plant bailouts

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Fight for Ohio’s State Forests – No Logging!


Shawnee State Forest trail next to logging site. Which is the trail? Where are the logging roads? Why can’t we tell?

Ohio DNR wants to clear-cut and burn it’s way through Ohio’s natural forests. Take action

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Nuclear Free

Nuclear power is dangerous, producing site contamination and sickened workers, with no solution to radioactive waste. Nuclear power is by far the most expensive way to generate electricity—Wall Street won’t invest in it. Massive government subsidies for nuclear are stealing development dollars from solar, wind and efficiency. Visit the Nuclear Committee page to learn more about our specific issues and get involved today.


Nuclear Free - Latest News

Ohio University has been given a half-million-dollar grant by the US Dept. of Energy (DOE) to study public opinion on the future of the nuclear site at Piketon, OH. The DOE has heavily promoted nuclear at the site for years. Why are they funding this study? Read more about the PORTSfuture study and sign up to attend one of the OU meetings or participate in the visioning.

Your help is needed to have our voices heard in this massive study. Read More

The Davis-Besse nuclear plant located on Lake Erie is up for their license renewal.  Lets make our voices heard and speak out against this dirty, unsafe, and expensive nuclear plant.  This plant has had numerous operation and safety violations during its existence that have been well documented.  According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission since 1979 two of the top five most dangerous nuclear incidences in the United States have happened at the Davis-Besse plant.  First Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission allowed a delay in the inspection of the reactor head with an enormous rust hole almost spurring a nuclear disaster in 2002. Read More

Sierra Club, Ohio Interfaith Power and Light, and Westminster Presbyterian Church teamed up to promote energy efficiency!

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The Ohio Sierra Club’s Nuclear Committee is working to oppose Ohio Senate
Resolution 108. SR 108 urges President Obama to grant a $2 billion
taxpayer-backed loan guarantee to USEC, the corporation that is building a
uranium enrichment plant at Piketon, Ohio.

On October 27, the Ohio Senate passed Senate Resolution 108, urging President Obama to grant a $2 billion taxpayer-backed loan guarantee to USEC, the corporation that is building a uranium enrichment plant at Piketon, Ohio.  On August 4, the US Dept. of Energy deferred review of the USEC loan application until a series of specific technology and financial milestones have been met.

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