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Fight for Ohio’s State Forests – No Logging!


Shawnee State Forest trail next to logging site. Which is the trail? Where are the logging roads? Why can’t we tell?

Ohio DNR wants to clear-cut and burn it’s way through Ohio’s natural forests. Take action

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Years of Living Dangerously


Years of Living Dangerously

New Showtime documentary showing the human impacts of climate change. Learn more and what you can do as an individual to #actonclimate

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Stop Asian Carp Before It’s Too Late!

Asian Carp Great LakesThe Great Lakes are a national treasure, and economically support a $7 billion fishing industry, $16 billion boating industry, and 1.5 million jobs. The introduction of Asian carp and other species puts the well-being of our communities, wildlife, and waters at risk.


Tell the US Army Corps to prevent Asian Carp from destroying our Great Lakes!


As energy prices remain high and our state’s economy continues to sag, Ohio needs clean, green, and economically viable transportation options more than ever. Our state is the fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and the transportation sector produces about one-third of this pollution. Forced reliance on the automobile puts greater financial stress on Ohio families, increases oil dependence, damages the environment, harms public health, and limits the mobility of citizens, particularly seniors, students, the disadvantaged, and the disabled. Meanwhile, Ohio spends less than 1% of its transportation dollars on public transit. Visit our Transportation Committee page to learn more about our efforts and how to get involved.


Transportation - Latest News

Check out our new transportation map and see how Ohio cities are doing in terms of their congestion levels, fuel consumption, and vehicle-miles traveled.

View The State of Ohio Cities’ Transportation Networks in a full screen map


Dump the Pump 2012

June 21st, 2012

Happy Dump the Pump Day.  Organizations across Ohio, including Sierra Club, are highlighting the benefits of alternative transportation and the need to break our oil addiction.  Ohioans are using public transit and alternative modes at record levels; it’s time Ohio leaders caught up and got on the bus!

Check out the Sierra Club Ohio Chapter’s press release to learn what Dump the Pump is all about!

Bike to the Future a Success

September 26th, 2011

Great Scott! We need an energy revolution!On Saturday, September 24, over 100 Ohio residents gathered in Columbus to celebrate Bike to the Future.

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Does anyone ever feel like a salmon swimming upstream against the swift current of the automobile? I know I do, and I have a feeling that I am not the only one. In the United States, our transportation system has left those of us that want more options beyond the automobile high and dry. It has been more than 100 years since the first cars were sold in the US, and the automobile is still king. Read More

Take a look at our recent fix-it-first press release.  It was done in conjunction with a press event that we held, along with the American Society of Civil Engineers, to bring attention to the importance of fixing-it-first. Read More