Mass Tourism

Travel costs are getting a cheaper day and by day and this is the reason why more and more tourists are venturing out for vacations to countries and places that were previously inaccessible. This is because the increase in tourism and the travel costs getting cheaper, air transport has been made easily available to the interested tourists. This has resulted in mass tourism where the places of historical and environmental significance have become utterly crowded. This, in turn, puts a huge amount of pressure on the ecosystems in such places threatening the flora and the fauna. In addition to this, the change in climate means that these places shall not favour citizens due to weather conditions getting extreme resulting in overcrowding on the other areas with more favourable climate. Again, this might take a toll on the ecosystems in the overcrowded regions along with the tourism in those regions.


Despite the fact that governments in many countries are taking up calls for protecting the environment, there are still some areas where logging is taking place on a widespread basis. This also contributes to the complete destruction of nature threatening tourism in such areas.


We live in this environment and therefore it is our responsibility to prevent any kind of damage to the environment. We must take all possible measures to maintain the ecological balance of nature.